i have a disoriented memory

when I experience something that I want to hold on to forever I take a photo of it

pictures freeze the moment in time and capture it forever

not the way its told to me but the way I have seen it myself

these moments are eternal and are always there to look back on

i like to capture the brightest moments so that I can hold onto them

my photos are my rainbows on rainy days and my bright stars on dark nights

i find beauty in the basic

the shadows of the sun

friends jumping on the beach

the blurr of a moving car

snowflakes on eyelashes

i want to remember it all

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Projects & Exhibits

/ 2017
August 2017

Dutchess County Fair | Rhinebeck, NY

1st Place “Hope Blooms”

2nd Place “Lashes”

2nd Place “High Hopes”

3rd Place “I Shine”

3rd Place “Jerusalem”


November 2017

Gracewood |Manhasset, NY

“This: Photos by Zoe Joyce”


/ 2018
January 2018

PIE NYC |New York, NY

“Disoriented: Photos by Zoe Joyce”

March 2018

Cippolina| Queens, NY

“Day-zed: Photos by Zoe Joyce”